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The Rancon Group Unites Highly Successful, Independent, Service-Based Companies And Individuals Under The Leadership Of A Proven Businessman With Exceptional Vision.

Romo Rouf Chowdhury


Md. Sultanuzzaman Sazan

Executive Director

Md Shadiqul Mostuk


MD’s Message

A growing economy like Bangladesh needs robust goods and services, more fuel-efficient, while at the same time meeting rigid safety standards. It needs innovative and strong automotive that allow businesses to be more efficient and ensures more growth. In these and many other ways, Rancon Trucks & Buses Ltd. vehicles bring an improvement in the quality of life.
Daimler Truck AG is world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Rancon brings the world’s best commercial vehicle in Bangladesh directly from Japan. The legacy of Rancon is one of the core reasons to gain the respect and trust of our customers. We combine passion, pride, and expertise in our services.
Our only goal is to guarantee that the mission objectives of our customers are fulfilled with the best level of competency, reliability, and affordability. Customers come to us knowing that we are skilled in delivering products at the highest degree of performance.
Our daily operations at Rancon Trucks & Buses Ltd are guided by a straightforward set of corporate values: Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride. They show how we relate to our customers, coworkers, and communities. We hold one another responsible for building a workplace we can all be proud of.

Romo Rouf Chowdhury
Group Managing Director

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