Genuine Parts

Your Truck Works Hard. Reward It With the Best

Just like our trucks and buses, we’ve engineered our genuine parts with passion and precision, giving you the best in quality and reliability. With FUSO Genuine Parts you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will see increased longevity, less downtime and better resale value. By choosing FUSO Genuine Parts you’ll benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times. Contact your local Mitsubishi Fuso dealer for quick supply of the genuine parts needed to keep your truck, and business, running at the top of its game.


Why FUSO Genuine Parts?

Lasting Durability

Our genuine parts have passed FUSO’s extremely demanding tests to ensure a high level of quality and durability.

Lasting Performance

Our genuine parts are designed exclusively for FUSO trucks and buses to ensure the best performance possible.

Oil Seal

Prevent leaks and harmful contaminants from entering mechanical equipment.

Fan Belt

High-power transmission capacity for smooth and quiet driving experience.

FUSO Genuine Fan Belt

FUSO Genuine Fan Belts have high power transmission capacity assuring a smooth and quiet driving experience. They stay consistently effective because changes in speed have little influence on their performance. 

Advantages of FUSO Genuine Fan Belts:

  • Smooth operation resulting in a longer lifespan
  • Meet the high FUSO engineering standards in terms of stability, quality and performance
  • High reliability and safety even after long usage
  • Better cost performance over the long term

Bushing Torque Rod

Controls driveline angles while accelerating and braking ensuring low engine vibrations.

Leaf Spring

Provide high comfort, durability and reduce vibrations, even at high speeds.

Taper Roller Bearing

Enables safe driving with high reliability and stable performance.

Pressure Plate

Ensures efficient operation of clutch pedal for smooth gear shifts and driving experience.

Clutch Disk

Transmits or cuts power to transmission as vehicle starts, accelerates, decelerates or stops.

Brake Shoe

Essential to vehicle’s braking, safety and temperature resistance.

FUSO Genuine Brake Shoe

FUSO Genuine Brake Shoes are extensively tested for temperature resistance, performance consistency, and durability. They ensure balanced, smooth and safe braking you can always rely on. They are available for all FUSO vehicles because Genuine Brake Shoes have been developed to fit FUSO truck and bus models. 

Advantages of FUSO Genuine Brake Shoe:

  • Great performance even at high temperature
  • Meet the high FUSO engineering standards in terms of safety and stability
  • Finest brake surface finish for consistent braking performance

Brake Pads

Thoroughly tested for temperature resistance, performance and consistency.

Oil Filter

Maintains smooth engine operation by trapping impurities from engine oil.

Fuel Filter

Cleans unfiltered fuel before entering the fuel supply system by trapping impurities.

FUSO Genuine Fuel Filter

FUSO Genuine Fuel Filters clean unfiltered fuel before it enters the fuel supply system. The efficient removal of these impurities will prevent rapid wear and damage of the fuel pump and injectors. They are more resistant to leaks as they are made with heat-hardened glue, a higher standard compared to imitations. Although imitation parts may have lower initial price, they are more expensive in the long run due to their low durability and shorter maintenance cycle.

Advantages of FUSO Genuine Fuel Filters:

  • Extensively tested for durable performance
  • Resist clogging better than imitation parts
  • Better cost performance over the long term

Air Filters

Provide clean and sufficient air to the combustion chamber by removing impurities.

FUSO Genuine Air Filter

FUSO Genuine Air Filters are made with heat-hardened glue and are built very leak resistant. Their filter gaskets are precision-made from hight grade oil-proof rubber which helps maintain their elasticity for a secure seal. Imitation filters are less resistant to leaks as they use a weaker air-dried epoxy, and their gaskets are made from general-purpose rubber. If harmful impurities is mixed into the engine oil, it will hasten oil and wear area deterioration. Extensively tested for effectiveness and durability, Genuine Air Filters help to extend the life of engines as well as improve fuel economy.

Advantages of FUSO Genuine Air Filters:

  • Designed specifically to boost the output of Fuso engines
  • Matched specifically to their respective engine’s high output needs
  • Specially developed filter media is extensively tested for better performance
  • Extended engine life and improved fuel economy
  • Better cost performance over the long term